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CEI - About Us
Tough-Job Roofers
(2 min.)
Quick overview of CEI Groupís roofing focus, specialties, and unique position among commercial roofing companies.

Multi-Roof System Jobs Are CEI-Type Projects
We specialize in jobs that require roofing teams skilled in multiple types of roofing systems on the same project.

CEI veteran roofers bring a level of craftmanship and experience found at few roofing companies in North America.
Taking The Complexity Out Of Tough Roofing Jobs
At CEI we deliberately staff for jobs that require multiple roofing disciplines, architectural craftsmanship, slate work, rubber roofs, and specialized sheet metal work. The core competency at CEI is our ability to plan and stage jobs efficiently. When you have teams of roofing specialists to meet specific challenges, "the complex" starts to look a lot easier.
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