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Quick overview of CEI Group's roofing focus & specialties.


University & Historical Building Specialists

The lost art of architectural roof restoration has never been lost at CEI. Our veteran, union craftsmen know how to install new roofs that maintain your building's architectural integrity.
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Complex Multi-Level, Multi-Roof-System Projects are Core Business at CEI

Multi-level roofs requiring multiple roofing systems and high pitches are tough projects. However, CEI is purposely staffed for this type of work. The tougher the challenge, the more it becomes a CEI-type project. See More here.
Service Strategies that Extend the Life of Your Roof

The CEI service approach is simple: Extend the life of your roof, delay expensive replacement, and minimize
service costs along the way. We present you with multiple strategic options and approaches for extending roof life.
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International and Government Projects Marked by Fast Deployment & On-Time Completion

When you talk to our government and international customers, they will all say the same thing: "CEI arrived quickly, never stopped working, and completed the job ahead of schedule."
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