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Roofing Service Programs That Minimize Your Annual Roofing Cost
CEI's Guardian Preventive Maintenance and Service Program reduces total roofing costs, postpones re-roofing costs, and prolongs roof life. Let us show you specific numbers for your roof. Contact Jim Carey, 810-499-3171 for a cost-benefit analysis.
The Guardian Program
1.  One or two inspections and report for the year. This includes a thorough analysis of your roof system.
2.  A written report with a summary of the existing roof(s) condition.
3.  Two CAD drawings of the roof(s), one with measurements and the other showing all roof penetrations (HVAC units, fans, vents, drains, or gutters, etc).
4.  A summary on each section.
5.  A CAD drawing for each section.
6.  All defects listed with a picture of the defect.
7.  The repair specification for each defect with our cost to repair it.
8.  A gridded locator drawing provides mapping of each defect's location.
9.  The cost of replacing each roof section using the existing roof specifications at today's prices for budgeting purposes.
10.  Our two (2) year Replacement vs. Repair & Maintenance chart showing the costs of replacement versus cost of repair and maintenance. This assists you in making the right decision, to either repair or re-roof?
11.  Roof drains will be cleaned of leaves and minor debris around the bowl at no additional charge to help improve sluggish or blocked drainage.
12.  A cost summary of repairs allowing you to do all of the repairs found or only the items you choose to do.
13.  As a CEI roofing maintenance customer, you will be guaranteed 24 hour service on all leak calls.
14.  You are provided with a report that documents all rooftop maintenance activity and recommendations.

CEI is prepared to put its professional roofing talent to work on your next roof repair or roofing maintenance project.


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