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CEI - About Us
Tough-Job Roofers
(2 min.)
Quick overview of CEI Group's roofing focus, specialties, and unique position among commercial roofing companies.

Experienced in the Craft of Slate Roofing Systems
Very few contractors in the entire Midwest region have done more slate roof systems than CEI. CEI brings together an understanding of the material, the sheet metal experts for critical flashing work, and the techniques for redirecting water off your roof. Take a look at our slate roofs. Talk to our customers. You'll find CEI delivers a beautiful slate roof, completed on-schedule, with virtually no material waste.
Techniques and Know-How Passed Down from Veteran
Slate Roofers

The unique skill-set required to craft beautiful, water-resistant slate roofs has been passed down from CEI union roof-crafters for three generations. CEI slate roofing teams become experts on how to cut it, how to hang it, how to avoid breakage, and all the special techniques to prevent water-crawling and post installation issues.
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